Instructions On How To Tie A Bow Tie

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The bow tie! This can appear to be a difficult knot at first. Follow these simple instructions and practice ahead of time so you can be confident in your bow tie abilities!

When you have learned how to tie a bow tie, you will have great satisfaction!

Let's learn how to tie a bow tie. Follow the images as if you were looking into a mirror at your reflection. Enfo Rating: 4.5

tie instructions

1. Start with one end is slightly longer than the other. 2. Cross the long end over the short. 3. Bring the long end through the center at the neck. 4. Form an angle loop with the short end of the tie crossing left. 5. Drop the long end at the neck over this horizontal loop. 6. Form a similar angle loop with the loose long end of the bow tie. 7. Push this loop through the short loop. 8. Tighten knot by adjusting the ends of both loops.